Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Liebe Leser....

.... einen lieben Gruß von einen Olli der von der Grippe nieder gestreckt wurde, aber Euch nicht vergessen hat. Sobald ich wieder gesund bin, gehts weiter.
Danke für Euer Verständnis.

Dear Readers,
momently i`m badly ill, so please stay calm. I will be back soon.

Euer/ Yours

Hello everybody,
lets have a look at Lili: Child of Geos.

You like brutal action with a variety of hundrets of Weapon and hundrets of different enemies?
You wan`t to see pixel blood and kill your Enemies?
All right!!!

So this game is NOT for you.
We have fast clicking action, you have one weapon (Your barely hands) and one Type of Enemies (Spirits).
You will see flowers and get them from their Head.
Sounds boring, hmm?

It is not!!!

Lili: Child of Geos is a small pearl in a sea of Sharks. It is a short but fine lets say Action Adventure with a nice graphic style and nice music. You are Lili and arrive and at to Island Geos on the search for flowers, because Lili is a Student and needs them for her exam. Fastly she found out that somethings wrong on the island and she, the only human on the 
Island, must do the things right.

The Graphics reminds me to an old game called Zanzarah (Nice game, you should google it.) and presents a wonderfull detailed world. You can control Lili via Mouse and Tastatur and have a free choice of your ways. You follow a main story but have sidequests. Your target is to solve the Islands Problems. You can earn money via collecting Flowers, finding treasure or defeating spirits. For those you have to come near them, jump on their back and in a minigame you must get the flowers from their heads. Sounds simple, should be, but can be harder as you thought.
You can also raise your skills, that helps you to get and defeat the spirits. Also you can spend the money in usefull items. 

Most of the achievements are very easy, some depends on grinding but i think the hardest one ist to defeat all the spirits in the Gold way (You can get Bronze, Silver or Gold, depends on how good you get the flowers from them). 

I like this game and i have much fun with it. Yes it is short. I`m through after about 5 hours, but i wan`t all the achievements, so i will play on. 
Thanks to Bitmonster for this little pearl. Would be nice if you make a second part.


    LG :-D

  2. Gute Besserung auch aus Zürich.
    Lg colette

  3. Ach herje Olli, hat Dich erwischt.
    Gute Besserung und werd schnell wieder gesund.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Werde recht schnell wieder Gesund....
    Wuff von Tibi und liebe Grüsse von Sylvia

  5. Gute Besserung auch von mir und hier. Hoffe du kommst schnell wieder auf die Beine.

    Liebe Grüssle


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